Temp Masters LLC. is a locally owned
and operated mechanical contracting
company.  We have over 15 years
experience in the installation for new
construction systems as well as the
servicing, repair, or replacement of
existing residential systems.
We work exclusively by appointment
and we are
not one of those service
companies that says we will be there
between 8AM and noon.  We schedule
specific times and make every effort to
be on time.  We realize that you have
better things to do than set aside a
minimum of 4 hours in your day to wait
for us.
You probably hear adds all the time that say "Buy any new Air
Conditioner and receive a new furnace at 1/2 price" or even free.  
If it makes you feel better, we would be happy to mark up our
pricing and give you half off a furnace.

We would much rather be up front and just give you a fair price
for what you need.  "Nothing in this world is free."  
Next time someone says you need a new this or that, give us a call and we will be happy to set a
specific appointment and give you a competitive free estimate.  More often than not, we are better
than the half price boys.
Service your system twice a year for maximum efficiency and to identify any small problems before they become big
problems.  Systems should be serviced in the
early spring for the Air Conditioning side and again in the late fall for the
heating side.

We do not sell "service contracts" because our one hour labor rate, twice a year, is a better buy.  
Residential Service