Over the years, Temp Masters has done several hundred new construction installations at very competitive

We realize that we are not the only ones that need to be competitive and work very closely with our builders to
first determine the proper sizing for ductwork and equipment and then secondly to price the installation fairly.  

We also realize the time value of money and make every effort to install our ductwork within 48 hours of the roof

Proper sizing of the system is a necessity in this day of new tighter construction.  The old rules of thumb just don't
apply anymore.  Manual J load calculations are a must.  Tighter building envelopes,  spray in foam insulation,  
energy efficient windows and fireplaces all play a major role in equipment sizing.  Put in too much A/C and the
house won't dehumidify in the summer.  Put in too much drive in the furnace and house won't humidify in the
winter.  Constant short cycling systems are not energy efficient.  Formal load calculations are the only way to do
the job correctly.

Give us a call and let us do the load calculation and provide you with a proper quote for your next job.  We are
loyal to our builders.  They are loyal to us and we would like the opportunity to earn your loyalty.
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